Thursday, September 27, 2012

No more laughter...

I remember... 
When I was just starting up in my career and salary was a modest sum, I spent a few Ringgit of the hard earned money to buy Readers Digest magazine every month.

The pages of "Laughter, the best Medicine" were my favourites.

Oh how I wish for the good old spirit when life was a lot simpler and simple twist of anecdotes could make me laugh.

Read this one below for example:
  Contributed by Kerry Barnum
  • Two elderly couples were walking down the street, the women a couple of metres ahead of the men. One man told the other that they'd had a wonderful meal the night before-great food, reasonably priced.
    His friend asked for the name of the restaurant. "Well, I'll need your help on this. Let's see, there's a flower that smells great and has thorns on the stem?"
    "That would be a rose," his friend responded.
    "That's it!" the man replied. Then he shouted to his wife: "Hey, Rose! What's the name of the restaurant we ate at last night?"
And one more:

Contributed by Nancy MacMillan
A fellow walked into a drugstore and headed to the back to speak to the pharmacist. "Do you have anything for hiccups?" he asked.
Without warning, the pharmacist reached over and gave the man a sharp smack on the shoulder. "Did that help?" he inquired.
"I don't know," the startled man replied. "I'll have to ask my wife. She's waiting in the car."

Laughter, a rare precious gift many of us takes for granted. It is however, also an abundant commodity in so many homes. I searched the internet for secrets and keys to find laughter...
Below is what I found.

How to find laughter

How to find laughter should not be a problem for any of us. However, if we ask the question -what is the greatest award in life? A million people will provide you with a million different answers. But one outstanding pleasure that is the same all over the world is 'laughter.'
And the remarkable thing is that we all laugh in the same language. Laughter has no boundaries. It transgresses gender, color, religion, and political views. It is the one thing that is the most common among us in the world.
So how do we find laughter?

  • We have to recapture our smiles. Although laughter and smiles are not the same, they are related and often a smile will lead to laughter

  • Spoil yourself with funny comedy movies, CD's, videos, and audio cassettes and fun reading

  • Relive some of the most embarrassing moments in your life. Share these moments with family and friends in a humorous way

  • See the humor - find the laughter, even in the annoying, frustrating things that happen to you

  • Read the comics. Look for the humor in newspapers and TV

  • Go through photo albums and relive some of the fun. Add funny captions to the pictures to enhance the fun moments of the past

  • With family and at business meetings, share some of the fun things that happened to you in the course of the day.

  • When people show anger or frustration, treat / respond to the situation with humor

  • Interject your communication with co-workers and friends with humor and encourage their funny counter contributions, so that you can have some good laughs together

  • Establish a 'humor buddy' relationship with someone who you share some fun with, and who can give you 'fun boost' when you need it

  • Share a joke! More than likely people will share a joke back
  • Nothing in life is that bad, or so serious that laughter won't help you through the situation
Take your job, your responsibilities seriously, but take yourself lightly!

    (Article sourced from HERE. Credit should be given to the original source)

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