Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Closing my 2013 account.

Closing my 2013 account.
Before duty starts this morning, I would like to take a few minutes summarizing and closing my 2013 account; and noting (for myself) lessons I have learnt.

1. Family
- After going through some turbulence and critical period in 2012, with Allah's blessings, we are able to re-launch our family unity bouncing back closer, stronger, and better understanding that to love is to provide happiness to those you love rather than to demand happiness towards yourself.
- As the leader of the family, I must accept accountability that in the end it is me who steers the direction of the ship. Whether we sail safely to an island of happiness or get wrecked in turbulent waters, it is the captain's role to get all on-board together with one mission and with shared values.
- For a family leader, provision of money and material things are not and should not be measures of how well the duty has been discharged. We need to look at the holistic responsibilities; guided by the teachings of Islam.
- 2013 was a year of reckoning for me...I am thankful to Allah that our family is what we are; gaps in our steps, but together we shall reach our endeavor to improve..."Rabbana aatina fiddunya hasanatan wafil akhirati hasanatan waqina adhabannaar....Our Lord, give us good in this life, and in the Hereafter, and protect us from the Hellfire."

2. Physically
- Except for a few mornings of temporary thrilling experience on the weighing scale when it showed lesser than normal numerical value, I have been consistently over weight at 95kg. Pat my own back for consistency here~!
- Did MRI and confirmed that my pain in the lower back is caused by 3 slipped discs. "No need to do any operation," The good doctor said, and he added, "But you must lose at least 5kg!" I smiled confidently, "Easy peasy lah 5kg!" I thought...that was in August! No, not as easy when my good intention of taking light dinner is usually followed by large intake of desert and supper.
A side blessing; the back pain has been a wonderful reason (Excuse) for me to get nightly massage from my wife. I must admit, it feels much better when the patting of my back is done by her rather than my own hands~!
- 2013, physically speaking, has been focused on resolution and intention to lose weight...I am grateful I have not lost hope of achieving that~! hahaha.

3. Emotionally
- Oh what a roller coaster year; only God knows what people who are close to me and I have gone through. I thank Allah unreservedly for guiding all of us through the stormy waters. May Allah makes us stronger emotionally, especially to endure our own assault on each other and ourselves.

4. Spiritually
- The best year ever for my spiritual journey. 2013 tops even the year I did my Haj for the first time in 2003 and again in 2011. The one month of Ramadan living in Mekah took me up a steep cliff of humbling realization; "If ye do love Allah, follow me: Allah will love you and forgive you your sins; for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." (3:31)
- Syukur Alhamdullillah...All Praise be for Allah, and Salawat and salam for Rasullullah (Allah's peace be upon him).

5. Financially
- A year of consolidation for me; balancing between investing for the future and investing for the hereafter.
- My objective to be financially independent not achieved. A few poor investment decisions have riddled our bank account with leaky holes - in short, the outflow of monthly expenses is higher than the in-flow of rental income. No worries, this is all part of learning; that the real money we own are the ones we give away with charitable heart.

6. Socially
- I pat my own back right upfront, on this frontage. I am surprised by how positive the change has been. Call it maturity (a bit late at my age), or fated to be (I believe in fate), or as a result of thinning of ozone layer in the atmosphere (always work to attribute to nature, when all else fail)...I am still very pleased with the development in this area.
- In 2013 I departed from transit halls meant for flirtatious men. I am on a flight towards becoming a good Muslim who can leave this world at Allah's pleasure, and with whom Allah is pleased. For this I continuously seek Allah's guidance to keep me on the straight path.

7. Professionally
- This year I have contemplated retiring at least twice. However, many reasons convinced me to stay and continue. One of the reasons is the opportunity to drive to Mecca within one hour and Madinah is commutable for a comfortable weekend stay. Of course, I love what I am doing and I enjoy working with people around me. A farmer's son working on a farm - that is a dream come true!

In summary, 2013 has been a year of a very meaningful journey. Allah Kareeem. I pray for all my family members, extended family members, friends and all Muslims and those in search for the Truth - for good health, bountiful of rizq and blessings from Allah.

Have a good one ...

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  1. Happy 2014 Pak Pin.. May Allah blessed u and the family!